Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t finished planning your perfect date yet, the good news is that you still have time left! Here are some of our best tips for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your special someone.


Dinner is the classic Valentine’s Day date, and you don’t necessarily need to make a reservation somewhere to do so. Cooking for your date is a great way to spend time together in the kitchen. Find a recipe of a meal bound to bring back memories, or try something entirely different! If you’re needing a little help, check out some of our favorite local restaurants for Take and Bake options like Parallel, Red Rabbit, and Grand Cafe! You can get romantic and creative by baking a heart-shaped dessert, like a cake or lava cake, for a special and sweet touch. 


Take-out is a very fun way to have a special and relaxed Valentine’s Day date. You won’t need to worry about waiting around at a restaurant or making things yourself. Instead, you can choose a restaurant that you both love and have food delivered directly to your door! Make sure that you order earlier in the day to give the restaurant time to prepare your order, or consider ordering at least an hour or two before you actually want your meal delivered. You can still add romantic charm to your Valentine’s Day dinner by adding a nice card with the meal or making your own appetizers at home to serve with dinner.

Take-Out Getaway

Level up your Valentine’s experience with our Takeout Getaway! Enjoy a nice 2-hour date night in a clean, safe, and fun environment. All you need to do is support your favorite restaurant by placing a take-out order, bring your favorite beverage, and enjoy being pampered. Have your final location already prepared to enjoy your food with candles, soft music, and maybe even a special dessert to finish the night.

Plan a Special Trip

A special trip, especially when you use luxury travel to get there, is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Look for romantic events located near you or think about the things that you love to do as a couple. A trip could be as simple as heading to the park for a romantic walk, or as elaborate as a weekend away at a bed and breakfast.


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