Getting married in Minnesota in the Autumn months can be a bit colder than your typical warm weather months of April, May, June, July, August and September. The colder months of October, November and December can be great for weddings that are indoors or for those that need to schedule their wedding during the Autumn timeline. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of Autumn weddings that take advantage of both the foliage and the timeline. In fact, many couples would rather reserve their summers and springs for more adventurous activities after they are married. They may even choose the summer for their honeymoon.

Rustic and Autumn Seasonal Themes

Any great wedding photographer knows the great visual and aesthetic benefits to the fall season. They often love the rustic feel and present a quaint and happy image as a final result. Great photos are just one aspect covering the autumn wedding style, however. Then there is the surroundings. These rustic settings for the overall theme seem to make the guests more comfortable and at ease. This is a great time for that considering the overall stress that goes along with a wedding for most couples. Autumn is a time of transition. How perfect for a wedding.

Indoor Spaces for Weddings

Minnesota is no stranger to cold weather. Thankfully, the state has many great spaces with amenities as a result. This includes all sorts of building to use for receptions, parties, etc. after the ceremony has taken place at the church, house of worship, outdoors, another venue, etc. Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding metro area is full of great choices for indoor venues for autumn weddings. The good news is that prices are very competitive as well.

Wedding Limousines in the Twin Cities

Renee’s Limousines is an award winning wedding transportation service provider in the Twin Cities. Consult with us for use of vehicles in our fleet and availability for your autumn wedding in Minnesota.