St Croix Vineyards – Stillwater, MN

Founded in 1992, the Saint Croix Vineyards has become one of Minnesota’s largest and best known wineries. Located in Stillwater, the award winning Minnesota wines rank from the dark, intense, oak-aged Frontenac wines to the semi-sweet Vignoles, reminiscent of a fine German Riesling.

Belle Vinez Winery – River Falls, WI

Every great generational winery begins with a family committed to a shared vision. The Zimmerman family planted Belle Vinez, or beautiful vines, to produce exceptional wines personifying their love of family, celebrations and everyday moments to share with you!

Cracked Barrel Winery – Hudson, WI

We offer a wine country experience right in your own back yard. Visit Crack Barrel Winery & Vineyard to enjoy the country air and take a stroll through the vines. The winery is located in St. Croix County, two minutes from the beautiful St. Croix River, in Hudson, WI.

65 Vines Winery – Roberts, WI

St. Croix County’s First Licensed and Bonded Winery (located in the Upper Mississippi River Valley American Viticulture Area). They strive to make wines from a blend of some estate grown vintages and others from locally sourced grapes harvested at partnering vineyards.

Forestville Vines – River Falls, WI

At Forestville Vines Winery we know wine lovers want unique experiences that go beyond wine. Break out of your same ‘ol routine by visiting a new winery. We believe you ought to be able to relax and enjoy life by experiencing it in unique ways.

Stillwater Wine Trail


To download a copy of our Stillwater Wine Trail Map Click Here.

Our Stillwater Wine Trail covers a combination of Vineyards and Wine Bars in Stillwater. St Croix Vineyards and Northern Vineyards can also be incorporated into either our Sourthern or Northern Wine Trails. Tasting fees are not included in transportation pricing and range between $5 – $10 per person and are paid directly to each vineyard.