The difference between coaches and limo coaches at Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis is simple and subtle but can make all the difference in the world to some customers. This is why we strive to maintain quality and diversity within our fleet of custom limousines, coaches and trolleys in the Twin Cities. In this post, we will discuss the nuanced differences between a coach and limo coach.

What is a Coach? 

Coaches are like large luxurious buses that feature a number of great amenities and are ideal for groups of passengers. These passengers can plan entertainment events of all sorts using these custom dream machines. They are built with the shuttle of passengers in mind so there are options for on board entertainment, comfortable seating and more. They have been used for event transportation, wedding shuttles, airport transportation, tours, visitor guides and more. They can seat up to 56 passengers. There are also mini coach buses that seat more than 30 passengers. Learn more by visiting our website and clicking on or hovering over “our fleet”.

What is a Limo Coach?

The same ideas apply here. We have Mercedes Benz limo coaches available. These are like buses but smaller and emphasize the luxury and features of the vehicle more intimately with the passengers on board. These can be used for the same purposes as the large buses but they have a wider range of applications because they are easier to maneuver around cities, structural elements and so forth around the Twin Cities. Visit the fleet link at our website to learn more about limo coaches. The Mercedes models seat up to 12, but we have other models that seat up to 24 people as well.

How to Book a Coach or Limo Coach

If you need help booking a coach bus or limo coach for your group travel, party or other purpose, consult with Renee’s Limousines. We can help you with a variety of questions you might have about any packages we offer or about a custom transportation plan.