TWIN CITIES — RRV offers custom limousines in Minneapolis for your next party, event, wedding, business trip or other type of transportation in the Twin Cities area. Get just the right kind of limo to suit your needs at RRV by consulting with one of our transportation experts who can guide you through the process over the telephone. Also, don’t forget to check the RRV website for more information about our fleet and what type of options are available throughout the four seasons here in Minnesota.
Select the type of limousine
We have a great many options within our local Minneapolis fleet to choose from. Our fleet options are available online through our website, and if you go there and check it out you will see a number of different types of limousines that we can provide based on your particular transportation needs or wants. We have sport utility vehicles (SUVs) within our fleet that are stretched to the max to provide the best in comfort, elegance and style. Think Lincoln n Navigator or Hummer. Lincoln Towncars and Continentals are also very popular and we do have Lincoln stretch limos available in the Twin Cities. They have been used for birthday parties, bah mitzvahs, anniversaries, weddings and other types of events. They are also perfect for business travel.
Riding in style
There is no doubt that riding in a limousine commands excellence, elegance and a dash of style. Tell us about the theme of your party or event and we can help get you a matching limousine from our fleet to make sure that your style options are consistent with your vision. The transportation experts at  RRV can help you select the right choice based on current availability or future plans that you may have.
Creating the experience
We have been creating wonderful memories for many years. We often say we are in the business of love and the business of caring and we try to inject that in everything that we do because we know that a wonderful and memorable customer experience can never be replaced and that is the solid foundation of our limo business in Minneapolis. Therefore, we will do everything that we can to help you make sure that you create a wonderful experience for your guests, family, friends or other passengers.
Other options
The great thing about RRV is that it is a diverse business with many options for transportation in the Twin Cities. Consider our coach buses, limo coaches or even our street car style trolleys for your next event or for general transportation needs in the local area. Call us to discuss all of these options and more. The helpful staff at our RV will try to help you select a package that fits your budget and your vision.