Do you have family visiting Minnesota for Easter this year? If you do have family coming for the holidays or for a spiritual quest in Minneapolis, then perhaps it would be suitable to set up some transportation option for them when they get here such as a limousine, coach or limo coach from Renée’s Limousines. Your family or  guests can get a ride from the airport in Minneapolis to your location and then back again when they have to leave town. Read more to learn about how Renées Limousines in the Twin Cities can provide holiday transportation for your family from the airport.

Minneapolis Airport Limo Service

Renées Limousines  in the Twin Cities has been a provider of Airport transportation and travel for at least a couple of decades. They can pick up your guests or family members as part of a group or they can pick up any individual at the airport. These guys really know the Minneapolis area and the Minneapolis international airport is a very large and confusing facility for a lot of folks. It would be wise to give them a call to see what kind of options are available to get your family members the best kind of travel experience they can expect in Minnesota this year.

Holiday Travel Options in Minnesota

This company has also been providing holiday transportation to families in the Twin Cities area for many years. Call to find out what kind of rates there are and what kind of holiday packages there are in Minneapolis for limousines, coaches, limo coaches and streetcar style trolleys.

Twin Cities Easter Activities and Events

There are a number of activities going on in the Twin Cities this year for the Easter holiday. Call us to find out what kinds of activities or packages are available this year in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Group  Transportation in the Twin Cities 

Our fleet of vehicles in Minneapolis can see with just about any size group. Visit the website to learn more about the fleet and what other types of transportation packages are available in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Happy Easter!