Twin Cities Brewery Tour

Malt, hops, barley– when these ingredients come together they make a splendid, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day. Sure, beer is enjoyable all year long, but there’s something about sipping a cool refreshing beverage during the hot Minnesota summers. If a cold, craft beer doesn’t sound refreshing right now, we don’t know what does.

Did you know that the Twin Cities are home to some incredible, locally owned breweries? In fact, Minneapolis and St. Paul have become some of the fastest-growing destinations to enjoy craft-beers, something that not only helps our cities be filled with summer patio activities but also helps support our neighbors’ local businesses – something that Renee’s feels extremely passionate about.

If you’ve never gone on a brewery tour in The Twin Cities then you’re missing out; there are many breweries right in our own backyard that offer some delicious and unique beers to sample! Below are some of our favorite local breweries:

A few of our Top Recommended Breweries:

Fulton Brewery

The founders of Fulton Brewery started homebrewing in a one car garage in a South Minneapolis alley, daydreaming about one day building their own production brewery. Their dream suddenly came true. They love brewing beer. They love drinking beer. But their favorite thing about beer is that it brings people together. Located just blocks from Target Field, it is a favorite by many.

Lake Monster

Why “Lake Monster”? From Loch Ness to Lake Pepin, lake-dwelling cryptids have fascinated explorers and passers-by for centuries. While skeptics might consider the existence of Lake Monsters to be exaggerations, misinterpretations or even fabrications, others believe in a world of mysteries yet to be solved and depths yet to be explored. These intrepid souls think it is worth the effort to venture beneath the surface in search of something unknown and extraordinary. We feel the same way about beer.

Excelsior Brewing Company

Excelsior Brewing Co. is a Lake Minnetonka inspired microbrewery in the heart of Excelsior. Their mission is to celebrate the rich history of Lake Minnetonka and historic Excelsior by delivering superior brews hand-crafted in their image. They are committed to stewardship of the Lake and dedicated to serving the surrounding communities. The brewery offers a taproom, tours and growler sales.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus Brew Labs is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all, beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. At Bauhaus, they take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure.

Omni Brewing

OMNI means “all, every, of every kind.” That’s a perfect summation of our vision – a beer for everyone. We serve a wide variety of interesting craft beers at our inviting taproom in Maple Grove. No pretense here. Just beer.

Sociable Cider Werks

Sociable is driven by a pretty simple vision. Cider should be much more than the lightly-alcoholic, made-from-concentrate, sweet apple juice boxes that currently dominate the shelf space. Sociable ciders are well carbonated, dry and always made from real apples. Simply put, they should be enjoyed like great draught beer. Sociable is not just hard cider, we’re much more.

Any of the breweries above make perfect stops on your tour. For a full list of local breweries, click here.

Are you ready to book your tour?

With so many breweries to taste test and the Twin Cities becoming a craft-beer hotspot, we hope you’ll experience a brewery tour this summer to help cool down. Limousines transportation service makes brewery tours even more enjoyable! If you’d like to book a brewery tour, contact Renee’s Limousines at (763) 551-1919 or send us a message. Our team will help you plan the perfect day full of sampling hand-crafted beers and will help you select the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. The best part of planning a brewery tour through Renee’s Limousines? Our transportation service will get you home safely following your tour so you can enjoy as many samples as you’d like without having to worry about selecting a designated driver from your group – let us be your DD!

Do you prefer wine to beer? No problem – we also offer customizable winery tours! There are some wonderful wineries in the Twin Cities area and taking in the breathtaking scenery of Minnesota & Wisconsin wine country. Whatever your beverage of choice is, we’d be happy to assist you with planning your ideal tour! Our team of will coordinate each stop along the way while your professional and reliable chauffeur will be your designated driver during your tour, ensuring you make it home safely following your day/evening of wine tastings. Book your winery tour today!