Twin Cities Trolley

Twin Cities – Replicas of the San Francisco cable cars that were first built in the 1870’s, RRV’s version of the trolley has had custom upgrades and amenities added to the classic favorite to create a fun, comfortable, and elegant experience for your next event.

First of all, there are no cables! Each Trolley is a stand-alone 22-30 passenger vehicle capable of taking
you anywhere for any occasion. Tour the River Valley’s in style for a wine tasting or visit your local pubs
with a few dozen of your friends or use a trolley if your wedding party is just too big to fit into a
standard limousine, but too formal for a bus. Or if you just want to make a stylish entrance.

The Trolley is a fun way to accent any evening with more than a little bit of classical style.
An enduring symbol of old world charm the original trolleys were first opened to the public in

1873 to fill the need for a safe efficient form of transportation. Set in bustling cityscape with a booming population the trolley became not just another mode of transportation but a staple of daily life for the City goers of San Francisco as much a part of the city as the destinations it carried its customers to. At one point 23 lines were created between 1873 and 1890. Due to the rise of the electric car, buses, and the
automobile by 1944 they were reduced to 2 single lines as a memento of an error predating the
automobile. To this day the remaining San Francisco trolleys are a symbol of civic ingenuity and public
minded integrity, a form of transportation that transcends mundanity and harkens back to a bygone
aesthetic. They are considered national treasures and are one of only two mobile national monuments
in the country.

Providing the authentic styling of a San Francisco trolley with all of the modern accoutrements Renee’s
Royal Valet has is offering the closest and the next best thing to traveling all the way to San Francisco.
Each trolley constructed with impeccable detail and is fitted with full climate control, authentic brass
railings and bells, a new stereo system with iPod adaptor, and a PA system, as well as your very own
“conductor” to use it.

To reserve a trolley in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for your next special event you are just a few clicks
away @ or contact RRV’s friendly customer service professionals @