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Ryder Cup Update

The Ryder Cup is almost here ladies and gentlemen! We have a premier service for limousines, trolleys and coaches for transportation to the Ryder Cup in Chaska, Minnesota. The event takes place at Hazeltine National Golf Club, which is a beautifully landscaped professional golf course. The Ryder Cup will feature and host lots of great pro golfers from the ranks of the PGA, the prestigious national Professional Golf Association.

Golf.com announced the tee times for Ryder Cup and we have converted them for you to local Minnesota time:

All Times Central Standard Format (CST)

Friday/Saturday Foursomes (Alternate Shot)

7:35 a.m.: MATCH 1

7:50 a.m.: MATCH 2

8:05 a.m.: MATCH 3

8:20 a.m.: MATCH 4

Friday/Saturday Fourballs (Best Ball)

12:30 p.m.: MATCH 1

12:45 p.m.: MATCH 2

1:00 p.m.: MATCH 3

1:15 p.m.: MATCH 4

Sunday Singles

11:04 a.m.: MATCH 1

11:15 a.m.: MATCH 2

11:26 a.m.: MATCH 3

11:37 a.m.: MATCH 4

11:48 a.m.: MATCH 5

11:59 a.m.: MATCH 6

12:10 p.m.: MATCH 7

12:21 p.m.: MATCH 8

12:32 p.m.: MATCH 9

12:43 p.m.: MATCH 10

12:54 p.m.: MATCH 11

1:05 p.m.: MATCH 12

If you are looking for transportation to this special event in the twin cities via limousine or coach, then give RRV a call to schedule your pickup (arrival) and departure (to and from) the Ryder Cup event in Chaska, MN. Our service is the premier luxury travel service in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area. Act fast to reserve your transportation to the event.

While you’re in town, we can help show you around the city of Chaska with a city tour. If you are coordinating for Chaska city tours, then consider our trolley service for groups.

Also, we offer other tours like wine tours, craft beer brewery tours and other tours around the city of Minneapolis. There are many sights to see, sounds to hear and flavors to taste. Call us to learn more

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