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Are you looking for an excellent set of ideas for things to do during New Years in Minneapolis in 2018? New Years Eve and New Years Day/Night are prime time for many parties, activities and festivities in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area coming up for 2018. Also, many are greatly anticipating the Superbowl to be played in the city as well.

There are many ways to party in Minneapolis this New Years in 2018. There are a whole lot of bar and restaurants that will be open to cater to party-goers this New Years. Take a look around some of the open Twin Cities bars and restaurants that are holding specials during the holiday this year. Bring your significant other, family members or your closest and dearest friends. The temperatures are going to be very cold, so a reliable transportation arrangement can be vital (it could even save your life!).

  1. Gotham New Years Eve Party in Minneapolis

The Gotham New Years Eve Party is taking place at Union Rooftop Bar & Grill in Minneapolis. Many party-goers will be attending this once-a-year extravaganza in the Twin Cities metro area. Get a limousine for your Minneapolis area party and stay out of the cold during your party travel.

2. Calhoun Beach Club Party

There is also a party going on at the Calhoun Beach Club in the Minneapolis area. It will be taking place at the event center, according to local media and advertising posted around. The Uptown Minneapolis party will feature numerous DJs and dance music for party attendees. Get an RRV limo or SUV limo for you and your friends going to this action packed party.

3. 2018 Crystal Ball NYE Downtown

This New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis features the Crystal Ball at International Market Square near Downtown Minneapolis. This will be their 14th year and among the largest New Year’s Eve events in the USA. Expected attendance is around 3,000 people. There will be DJs and Go-Go Dancers, according to local advertising for the event. It will take place in International Market Square.  Stay warm in an elegant limo, coach or streetcar trolley from RRV. Call us now to get picked up!