Minneapolis Trolley Rides – Photo from Wayzata Art Fair near Lake Minnetonka.

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — It’s the time of year to eat Pumpernickel, Soft or Hearty Rye Bread, drink Green Beer and paint the Twin Cities green for St. Patrick’ s Day. Get a limousine, trolley or coach bus transportation in Minneapolis or St. Paul areas from RRV for a safe ride after a night on the town. RRV can also help coordinate transportation for outdoor events in the Twin Cities with its famous green trolleys that have been seen around the city a time or two.

A St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Wheels

We can do it like they do on the West Coast over here in the Twin Cities with our transportation too! We have street car style trolleys that folks in the Minneapolis area have long known about. RRV runs a great Twin Cities trolley rental service for guests that need fun outdoor transportation during St. Patrick’s Day. Our trolleys can come in Green too to match the holiday theme! Check out the RRV website to learn more about our fleet of vehicles. It is fun to ride around the cities in the open air of the trolley, having a good time with friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, whoever.

Safe Transportation for St. Patrick’s Day Events in the Twin Cities

Many people in our community will be out having fun as they should be on a holiday like this. St. Patrick’s day is a blast for the whole Minneapolis and St. Paul area, but a night of partying can also pose risks, even fatal risks if precautions are not taken. We urge everyone to be safe during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Twin Cities. RRV is a premium transportation provider in the area with elegant limos, coach limos, coach buses and trolleys. Call us to coordinate safe travel for your passengers if you are going to be imbibing during St. Paddies. We will do our best to ensure you have the safest fun night in the city possible.

Transportation Rental and Ride Services in the Twin Cities

If you are an event planner, logistics coordinator or travel planner for a local Twin Cities event, including St. Patrick’s Day events, remember to keep Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys in mind because we have extensive experience providing the best in event transportation in the Twin Cities. We provide our clients with an experience that is unforgettable and memories that last a lifetime. We always say that we are in the business of love, and though Valentine’s Day was last month and this post is more about St. Patrick’s Day than weddings, we still want every experience to leave that same type of joy, adventure, amazement, amusement, laughter, intimacy, bond, etc. Coordinate your event travel with RRV and expect great results.

About RRV, a premium events limo provider in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area

RRV provides the best in class service for limousine, coach and trolley rental in the Twin Cities. Our company has been providing this service since 1993. We have won several local awards. Consider RRV for your next event.