Bachelor Party
Photo by Derek Springer; Wikimedia/Flickr Creative Commons Image

TWIN CITIES – The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has to be the number one destination for bachelor parties in Minnesota. The Twin cities are a hub for sports, culture, and entertainment. The perfect place for a bachelor party. There are different avenues you can take when planning for your last night out as a “free man”. There’s the traditional style booze festivities that involve a cadre of your closest companions and a definitively enforced code of misconduct. Usually this involves your favorite hard liquor or beer; you and your best friends hitting every bar, dance, and gentleman’s club under the night sky. Preferably all this loving mayhem is ushered into its final farewell to debauchery in a suitably stated (under or otherwise) stretch limo that pumps out your favorite tunes in-between hot late night spots. The point of this night is you and your friends, holding onto each other, letting go of inhibitions and just having fun pretending to be the people you thought you wanted to be before you grew up and realized just one more night was probably enough!

You can go that route, sure. The limo will get you where you need to go and the hotel after party will be just as sweet as any bromance flick as the inebriated version of yourselves express undying love and friendship. But, there are other ways!

If you’ve already been there done that or just don’t have the urge you could do some fine tune adulating instead. You and your bros could go to wine tastings and have tapas, peruse a pop up art show, or go to a late showing at the Guthrie Theater. Cognac and cigars vs. Vodka and Red Bull, whatever floats your boat.

Then there’s the sporty style. You can go high adrenalin or low key but this style of bachelor party involves movement, getting the blood pumping a little. Activities will range from golf and skeet shooting to late night drag races and sky diving.

Over the years I’ve been to my fair share of Bachelor parties and my favorites are the ones that incorporate a little bit of everything. A good bachelor party is a lot like a good marriage – it should be both comforting and a little challenging. But mostly it’s a way to spend more time with the people that you love the most. Why not grab that limo and head into wine country for a bit, then hit the golf course, go for a round of paintball, then hit the clubs, hit your stride, and then eventually hit a groomsman for hitting on your ex twelve years ago…it’s your guys’s night!

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