Minneapolis/St. Paul — Plan a perfect anniversary and/or gift for you and your significant other with an elegant ride through the Twin Cities in a limousine from our fleet at RRV.

All year long, you and your significant other spend time doing things for your children and working round the clock to support yourselves. There is often little time these days to just spend time together with your loved one in an intimate way.

We have thoughtful plans with our Minneapolis limousine service to provide the best in class service for a romantic getaway through the Twin Cities. Plan your trip with destination landmarks and romantic stops so you can spend quality time with your loved one. You can sip champaign, gave into one another’s eyes and spend time in the city you both live in and love. You can plan several destinations along the way, exploring the great urban and suburban area as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside.

An anniversary means a long-term commitment and a limousine ride will let you and the love of your life celebrate that commitment. Long romantic nights through the city with lakes that are lit with the city lights and night sky will help you remember those early days in your relationship and reignite your passion for each other all over again.

RRV offers a wide variety of packages for limo rides in the Twin Cities metro area. We specialize in provide great experiences for our passengers. We have long been considered a premier provider of elegant transportation services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our company has won numerous awards in all sorts of publications in the metro including many bridal publications due to our excellent services for wedding vendors and couples getting married.

Get transportation options from our large fleet of limos and other vehicles. Plan your anniversary with our local limo transportation service. Our drivers provide the utmost in customer service excellence and provide for an experience to remember for a lifetime. Call to learn more about availability and check with our company to plan your routes and destinations including travel time and other custom options.

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys