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Source Growler Forum at Fulton Brewery Author Mark Andrew from Minneapolis

TWIN CITIES — There are several great reasons to check out the Minneapolis and St. Paul area breweries via brewery tour. Our company has prepared custom touring packages for visitors and residents in the area. This post details the basic reasons why people take these local excursions throughout the Twin Cities, a geographical area that stretches all the way into Western Wisconsin! Most Packers and Vikings fans do already have one thing in common: their love of craft beer.

Visiting Minnesota and Looking for Something to Do

So you’re in town for the week or maybe just a weekend. You landed at MSP and you’re at your hotel, or maybe staying with friends or family while you’re here. So what to do? If you’re looking for something interesting to do while you are in the Twin Cities, you should check out our local microbreweries, brew pubs and craft beer shops. You will certainly walk away with a souvenir or two and some stories. A brewery tour is great for a party, hanging out with friends or taking out clients. Visitors such as yourself can indulge in the many varieties of craft brews and ales produced in the region.

A Local Resident that Likes Beer and is Looking for Something to Do

If you live here already, then you know the deal. Ya, youbetchya do. That little bit of Scandinavian slip of tongue is to say that, in the land of 10,000 lakes, people know how to have a good time, but its also a nod to the fact that there has been massive interest in craft brewing and operations have sprouted up all over the state. A recent law permitting brewpubs is also making the state a destination for startups in beer brewing.

Afterwork, Holiday or Corporate Get Together

Your co-workers, associates, executives, VIPs, clients, etc. would all love to take a regional beer brewery tour in the Minneapolis area. Call to reserve or setup a corporate account for general transportation. These tours are perfect holiday and corporate events. Work parties are common.

Interest in the Craft Beer Phenomenon

There is no doubt a fascination as of late with the craft brewing movement and much of it here in the Midwest, Minnesota in particular. Come take a tour and learn about these brewing techniques and fresh flavors.

Written by Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches and Trolleys