MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL METRO AREA — So you have gone to the world wide web in search of the ways to prepare for your Twin Cities area wedding transportation and travel plans. Travel planning and wedding transportation planning can seem easy, but if managing other tasks it can get complicated real quick.

Think about it for just a moment. First, you need to identify the theme of the wedding and you need to identify a budget. This process likely goes through several iterations and changes throughout the planning process as well, but your budget will likely be what it is and there is no changing that. Then you have to consider all the decor, flowers, dress/attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaids and coordinate invitations for all the guests you want to attend your special day. You might even have someone, like a professional wedding planner or even one of your own family members or friends, helping out to get all the details right.

RRV works with you to help with the coordination of custom travel and transportation packages. We have custom wedding limos, wedding trolleys and coach bus travel for your guests just to name a few of your options. But your custom transportation planning goes further than just the limousines and other vehicles in our fleet. You want to know how many guests you need to serve. Do you have to pick guests up at the airport? Do you need a shuttle service? What about onsite transportation at your wedding (our trolleys are just the right type of option for this)?

Don’t wait until the last minute for any of your wedding planning, especially transportation. Wedding limousine providers like ours in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area need to know details in advance and we can’t guarantee availability if you don’t schedule it out a ways. That is why we are making sure to spread the awareness as much as possible about our limos, coaches and trolleys in the metro area because we don’t want to disappoint any of the beautiful couples out there that are eager to see their wedding night go off without a hitch.

We like to think we are in the business of helping those couples make special memories so we take our customer service to the next level to provide the best possible experience for couples getting married in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We have been doing this particular gig since the early 1990s so we have some skin in the game you could say. Call us to get started on your wedding travel plans today!

-Renee’s Royal Valet – Limos, Coaches & Trolleys