Minneapolis Trolley Rides – Photo from Wayzata Art Fair near Lake Minnetonka.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, then you are in for a treat when it comes to Twin Cities transportation. Our local transportation service provides a large fleet of vehicles including street cars. The Minneapolis and St. Paul area trolley service is a great way to enjoy tours, festivals, fairs, local events and more, especially if you want a mix of open air travel with groups like schools often do. It is back to school for most college students already but elementary, middle and high schools will be next. Renee’s Limousines can be the perfect solution for festivities for school groups, youth organizations and church groups. What better way to spend the rest of summer and transition to autumn than to travel by trolley street car in the Twin Cities?

Twin Cities Schools and Trolley Rental Services

Twin Cities schools can rent our street car style trolleys for festivities, field trips, cross campus activities, park-to-park travel, inner city travel, outer suburban travel and more. Plan a fun and engaging trip for your interactive experience using a trolley from Renee’s Limousines. Getting the best transportation in the Twin Cities for school events can be tricky, but are experienced at creating wonderful experiences in a variety of tours and other event transportation packages. We can work with you on your custom event too.

Festivals and Fairs

In addition to the mighty Minnesota State Fair, there are plenty of other festivals and fairs throughout the Twin Cities. Anyone traveling to the Twin Cities can find something to do on just about any night. Many of the smaller, more rural communities nearby have their town festivals and a street car trolley would be a perfect solution to group travel, parades and more.

Youth Organizations and Church Groups

Youth organizations and church groups are also welcome to rent our Twin Cities trolley service. We can work with you on your itinerary planning and manage the transportation side. The trolleys in our fleet are well suited for public events, activities, group transportation and interactivity in the community. Call Renee’s Limousines to get a custom plan.