Tired of boring corporate dinners where you sit in one place for an hour, speaking only with a few nearby people? Networking dinners are meant to connect with as many other employees, contacts and clients as possible. Renee’s Limousines has the answer. Our event coordinators can make sure your event is seamless from beginning to end, customized for your guests’ convenience and entertainment.

Progressive dining involves one meal with many courses, all eaten at a different venue.

Why is a progressive dinner better than the standard buffet hall or hotel restaurant?

Variety – When your company sits down with our event coordinator, they’ll have a variety of restaurants to choose from for each course. There can be one specific item available for that course or a selection of many. Themes can develop for the entire meal from a region of cuisine or change for each stop. This makes it easy for everyone to find something they like while being a perfect conversation starter.

Connect with Many People

Whether the goal of the dinner is to connect the administration with the clerks, the sales team with clients or to develop teams and department relationships, progressive dinners are a hit. Every time you sit down at the new venue, you will have other people to converse with. In a one venue dinner, not only are you limited to who you can speak with, but the dinner rarely goes more than an hour or two. A progressive dinner gives a full five to six hours of mingling and chatting time to exchange cards and discuss professional and personal interests.

Convenient, Carefree and Luxurious

Because Renee’s Limousines specialize in custom limos and luxurious travel, your group will ride from one venue to another in comfort and style. There’s no waiting to be seated, you will arrive at the time that you the client, reserved at each restaurants. since our event planners will schedule courses at each restaurant with exact times and numbers. We can pick up your group and return them at the end at any location you set with our planners. There’s no fuss, no worry and your company employees or clients have a productive but fun evening.

Why not plan your company’s progressive dinner event today? Contact our office to see just how we might custom build your progressive dinner experience.