minneapolis wedding party limousines
Our Wedding Limousines in Minneapolis

Limousine services for your wedding party in the Twin Cities are the perfect way to make that special night simply spectacular. You might want to hurry, though, because it’s that time of the year in Minnesota.

Wedding parties are already being planned and many people are already booking their limos. Our full service limousine service in the metro area will handle all the fine details for you. Take a look closely at some of the packages we can put together for you. Also, check out some of the press coverage we have received from numerous magazines in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for wedding party packages as a service provider in the limousine category. We have gotten “best of” and other types of awards from these publications, but they have also provided some great information about our service as well in case you want to learn a bit more. You should always do your research.

If you’re looking for a company that goes beyond just a simple party ride service, but is rather a full service limousine transportation company for wedding parties, complete with customizable orders to make your night even more special, then you need to call our service and get a custom quote right away.

Our wedding transportation services include luxury limousine cars that are spacious and provide many amenities for food, drinks, music and a fun but elegant atmosphere. We are experienced with this type of thing, having done hundreds of parties since 1992. To learn more about our cars and service, take a look at the video on our website to catch a glimpse of previous wedding parties and rides as well as the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

Our elite fleet includes luxury cars with comfortable leather seating, entertainment, comfortable heating and cooling, a pleasant and curious driver and other offerings from our customizable limousine transportation service for weddings in the Twin Cities.

We have large sport utility vehicle style limousines as well, such as our Ford Excursion stretch limo or our hummer. Travel in style and elegance and take a scenic tour with your spouse through the wonderful byways and curious routes in Minnesota. As your driver takes you along, you will be free to feel wonderful, proud, excited and passionate about life. Enjoy your experience with us. It is what we are here to help you achieve, after all.

If you need even more room or you have other parties planned, we also have coaches and trolleys for your guests. Give us a call to get a complete list of custom services and amenities, from our fleet of limousines, coaches and trolleys at Renee’s Royal Valet in Minneapolis. Make your reservations soon before we are all booked up. Summer is here!