When was the last time you and your friends got together for a joy ride? You may want to plan one for this fall. If you are like most Twin Cities residents, you live in the city but haven’t explored it much, beyond your usual stomping grounds. You may even think there isn’t a lot to see, but you’d be wrong. A tour with Renee’s Limousines will show you just how much there is to be seen in and around the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

Not Just for Special Occasions

People generally think of a limousine service being used for special events, like Prom Night, weddings, anniversaries or a trip to the airport. In fact, a ride in a limousine can be an opportunity for you to get to know the Twin Cities area in a more intimate fashion. 

When you are the driver, you need to keep your eyes on the road for safety. At most, you get a quick glance at your surroundings from time to time. When you are the passenger, along with your friends, you get to enjoy the ride and really take in the scenery. This area has a lot of scenery to take in.

Exciting Destinations

Minneapolis and St. Paul have a variety of historical and scenic sites for everyone. We are fortunate enough to have cities filled with beautiful lakes and parks. Minnehaha Falls makes Minneapolis particularly unique. Some of the bridges in the Twin Cities are known for their historical value.

Bring your camera to take pictures of the many interesting sights you’ll encounter. If you plan your joy ride during the peak of fall colors, you will be assured of capturing noteworthy scenes throughout the twin cities area. With lakes, islands and gardens galore, you are sure to take perfect pictures depicting the beauty of your surroundings.

Discover Your Home

When people take vacations to visit a new area, they enjoy getting out and exploring. At home, we get into our regular routines and seldom take the time to go exploring in our own backyard. Do something different this fall. Take a joy ride and find out what the Twin Cities area has to offer. 

Renee’s Limousines provides transportation to a multitude of venues. Explore the Cities and top off your joy ride with dinner, theater or both. Browse our website to help plan your joy ride and contact us for more information.